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Default Mixed Feelings About The Draft

First I love trading up for Holmes. Great move on the Steelers part. I give them tons of credit for trading to get their man. Didn't mind trading our 2nd for two thirds. Anthony Smith was a good pick. Should be a good player in the pros. I expect Smith to have more range and make more plays on the ball then Chris Hope did. I don't think Smith will be the hitter that Hope was. Good thing Smith can sit and learn next year since we signed Ryan Clark.

Willie Reid didn't understand that pick at first. Holmes and Reid are really the same type of players. But my understanding is the Steelers want Holmes to just play reciever and use Reid for the return game. Plus Reid would give more depth at reciever. That means Lee Mays will be cut once again. Thank God

The fourth round picks. Didn't like the OT pick from Hofstra. Heard he will switch to guard in the NFL. Orien Harris our second fourth round pick has talent and I think he has upside. Thought that was a good pick.

Our first 5th rounder the QB from Bowling Green Omar Jacobs. I like that pick. You have to have two young QB's in the NFL today. Ben and Omar both are mobile stronged armed QB's. The second 5th round pick Charles Davis wasn't happy at all about.
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