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Default Re: Week 8 Gameday Thread: Patriots @ Steelers 10/30/11

Originally Posted by SmashmouthFootball View Post
8 seconds at the 32 yard line then. Take it. Do you think 8 seconds from the 32 yard line changes the outcome of the game? Do you?

Answer the question. I'm waiting.

I have another question as well..

umad bro?
Yep. Eight seconds is time for one or two more plays. Anything can happen on a play. See the the later miracle in Jacksonville.

Again you and the rest of these homers on this board were CRYING about officiating the WHOLE time on legit calls. helmet to helmet out of bounds, blatant defensive holding, the facemask against the pats on the flat pass, the non-call on Troy P..

Yet there was no crying or complaining about the officiating call on the last play. What gives, hypocrites??
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