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Default Re: Pointing the finger at Belichick

Honestly I think at this point in his career, Belichick is overrated as a head coach. Not a terrible HC mind you but he's not anywhere near the coach and evaluator of talent he when they were winning in the playoffs. I think the problem is Belichick has convinced himself that he is the genius/best coach ever his fans say he is and frankly he's not and I'd say that even without the whole Spygate. The constant abundance of draft picks with little to show for isn't the mark of a great talent scout. And honestly their play has especially in the postseason dwindled since Belichick decided to change their offense from more balanced to pass first. They're still a very good team but it's not going to get any easier for them especially if Buffalo proves to be more than a one season wonder and Miami wins "Suck for Luck." It's about time from someone at ESPN finally stopped fawning over Belichick and realized he hasn't been all that.
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