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Default Re: Cleveland priority No1 Pittsburgh

Originally Posted by clevestinks
Wrong just because a one team beats aanother means squat, sometimes matchup are exposed more between two teams thann the rest of the NFL, or we might of had an off day. Like the old saying, Even a blind dawg finds a bone now and then.
And we were just recently crowned world champs again, if you knew this city it is 24/7 if they were to win just one game and it was against the Steelers they would have felt that they had a succesful season. It is the teams mentality, and the fans for sure. They never talk 10 wins, they only talk beating the Steelers. If they were to lose to the steelers twice big deal if you are headed for the playoffs. Number one concentration should always be wins, not teams. You get 16 games to stake your claim on a playoff berth, if you want to use us as motivation and not wins fine, but after the first loss is your season over??? Think about rationally, wins are what matters. I want the Steelers to win 12+ games, who they lose to, big deal, just get to the dance.

hey man, i grew up in cleveland, my entire family lives in cleveland... i visit 3-4 times a year. i'm sure there's a bunch of browns fans who "only" want to beat the steelers, but not every fan feels that way. there's no way the organization thinks only in terms of JUST beating the steelers. savage has been clear, we have to win within our division. we only won one game in our division last year. the steelers are the team to beat... i'm thinking you might be reading into this to much...
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