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Default Re: disappointed with this years draft?

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan
I have been jammed up at work and have not followed the draft closely, but other than moving up in the first round to draft a WR I am not overwhelmed by the decisions made this weekend. Specifically, the tactic of trading out of the second round, drafting another small WR, and not drafting or trading for LB or RB depth until round 7 appears odd. Hopefully the Anthony Smith pick at safety works out.

I am not saying Cowher does not care about the long term since he may soon be taking a break, but if ever there was a draft that was specifically designed to fill holes for 2006 but not to address long term needs this appears to be such a draft.
Actually both trading up and trading down were brilliant and did nothing but cost us a 4th round pick. For the second they picked up two thrids...and still filled the position they were seeking to fill. And to move up and get the guy you want in Holmes, was fantastic. The whole idea that these cannot be long term answers is simply baffling. They had an unsexy but very productive draft.
If you think the Steelers won the Super Bowl because of the are nothing but a jealous pathetic idiot. They won because they were better...nothing more nothing less. I am sorry your team wasn't good enough.
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