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Default Re: Cleveland priority No1 Pittsburgh

Originally Posted by j-dawg
i don't think that's the case... we're looking at our weaknesses from last season and building from there... i think we made productive free agency and draft pick acquisitions... the only emphasis we're putting on the 41-0 whoopin' is that we don't want it to happen again this season... we're not trying to find players to counter ONLY the steelers... we're trying to find players who will help us win more games.
I agree that the Browns have been very productive this off-season, and I'm very much looking forward to them being a team to be reckoned with in the AFCN. Although the 41-0 whoopin' of the Browns this past year was a nice Christmas present for the Steelers and a great game for us to enjoy on Christmas Eve, it wasn't much of a game. I personally enjoy a good, well played game by both teams, although sometimes it is nice to have a game that Steelers fans can relax and enjoy stress-free, as well as make fun of their crazy fans who run out onto the field...(lol).
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