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Default Re: Defending Tebow's faith

I disagree with Jen's remark that religion should be off limits because it's a sacred issue. Religion doesn't deserve to be protected under the PC rules that diseases like mental retardation or dyslexia should because it's entirely voluntary.

I do sympathize with her remarks about mocking Islam. We have no way of knowing, but I imagine if Tebow we're muslim and his prostration was mocked, the situation would be a lot different, which is unfortunate because of fear.

Now onto the actual incident, I definitely think the Lions' players we're mocking Tebow himself and not the invisible man in the sky he thinks he's talking to. Even if they we're mocking "god" it would still be okay. I'm glad we have a country where people can descry religion and magic and alchemy and astrology without being censured.

If you volunteer to believe in alchemy or religion or astrology, mockery comes with it.
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