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Default Re: Week 9 Gameday Thread: Ravens @ Steelers

Originally Posted by GMU Steeler View Post
Exactly. I am not saying Arians and the O were great tonight but people need to stop blaming Arians exclusively when things go wrong. The D needed to stop them there and should have. And also it's not Arians' fault that Suisham isn't a sure thing from mid-range field goals because there's no guaranteeing at all that he would have made that kick. And you know what he makes that kick and the same thing happens, guess what we're in OT and it's a whole new game. I get that people are pissed and shit man this is going to make it hard as hell to sleep tonight but you can't always blame Arians. It's getting pathetic when the guy is being blamed in a game when the opposition converted 2/3's of their third downs.
You are right, but despite how horribly the defense played we had the lead with 4 minutes remaining.

We got a first down with I think it was 3:20 left. 1st down play was incomplete. 2nd down a run. Clock down to 2:37. 3rd down. Incomplete pass.

They could have had that clock down to the 2 minute warning before even punting the ball and Bmore would have had no timeouts and prob about 1:45 or 1:50 left to play.

Instead, they got the ball with 2:30 left and one timeout remaining.
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