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Default Re: GAY MEETER -10000000.. No more positive Gay post please

Originally Posted by DFWSTEELERFAN View Post
We will see some relative/fanboy carry his water again with some lame pro Gay post... so sick of gay's garbage.. I wish they would cut him now...
You're a loser. You have the short term memory of a field mice. You think its so easy to play in the NFL.

I've got news for you fkucing moron - the other team has talent as well. Or did you think only the steelers get to draft all the good players.

These guys have good games and bad games and you fly of the handle and make proclamations as if they have been long held truths. I wish they would cut your sorry ass from human civilization. We will all be better off for it rather than have our collective intelligence lowered by your garbage.

Where the Fcuk were you last week? How come you didn't talk about "Gay's garbage?" Why weren't you asking him to be cut then? Or the week before or the week before.

You were a weenie just waiting in the woods waiting to shite in your diaper and have your tantrum. Did your roll on the floor and whine before you wrote this post?

Grow some brains and perspective before you post again.
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