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Default Re: GAY MEETER -10000000.. No more positive Gay post please

Originally Posted by DFWSTEELERFAN View Post
Dude, gay has sucked for a long time, you just can't see it....
What I didn't see was any of your posts until tonight. Wow, way to defend something that was sooooo obvious to you "for a long time"

I wouldn't mind you if you week in week out came out criticizing Gay and now became the moment that proved your point. Fine - if you did that - you can crow.

But you came out of nowhere dude claiming something as if you were claiming it all along. That's chicken shite stuff buddy.

Since you are a nobody on this topic, all you get to say is "Gay played poorly today" but you don't get the right to claim that he is inherently a bad player, has been a bad player and forever will be a bad player.

You got 20:20 hindsight and I don't know if you know this - but we hate people with 20:20 hindsight. It is the weakest form of intelligence there is.
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