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Default Re: We will see the ravens in the playoffs

Originally Posted by Bayz101 View Post
I guess the defense busting their asses all game and giving the ball to the offense with a chance to at least make it a touchdown lead wasn't enough. Some fan's expect our defense to win every important game for us.

You know what I would have loved to see? I would have greatly enjoyed the sight of our defense all simultaneously lying down and allowing Baltimore to score. Maybe then it'd become apparent to our offensive unit that they need to pull their own weight!

Those of you who blame our defense for giving up 92 yards in that final drive are ignorant, and that's my honest opinion. Our offense is the reason we lost this game. A first down on offense prevents all four first down's put up by the Ravens in the final drive from happening.

Would you trade four opposing first downs, for a game clinching first down by the good guys?
Nope. Putting the blame solely on one side or the other is ignorant.

Yes, I realize that in my posts I've put a better part of the blame on the defense...but that was more from being pissed off about all the 3rd downs and the final drive. The offense is to blame as well, or course, they could have done things better too. But they weren't playing the crappy Pats D...they were playing the best D in the league (in nearly all aspects). Our defense just had to stop the floundering and inconsistent Ravens offense. That's where my thoughts lie right now.

It's like a crutch to just blame the offense for losses right now though. And it's only hip to blame the D if you're only blaming Gay. They had a bad game (both offense and defense). Admit it and deal with it.
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