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Default Re: Hate that Ravens fans have for the Steelers!!!

Originally Posted by kennygee90 View Post
im a ravens fan and i wanna say that was one hell of a game..People in baltimore still can't believe what they saw from Joe flacco last nite even though he's done that against other teams, it felt good havin a last minute touch down drive against the steelers. i dont think yall know how much we ravens fans HATE the steelers!! I have a hatred for the steelers like no other and also RESPECT but you've beaten us so many times on game winning drives by Ben so inflicting the same kind of pain in you feels good. The steelers have beaten us twice in the playoffs the past 3 years where we could've ended up in the superbowl and im hoping this is the year Joe Flacco grows up just like Jordan against the pistons and finally gets the monkey off his back..Im hoping for one last rematch with the steelers and whoop em in our own house just so you steelers fans can feel the same pain we've been feeling..Im wondering do you steelers fans hate us as much as we hate you??
YAY for Ravens fans on a Steelers forum!!! anywho, congrats on the win, but dont get too caught up int it, mmkay?
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