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Default Re: Hate that Ravens fans have for the Steelers!!!

Originally Posted by kennygee90 View Post
we actually call you shittsburgh squeelers.. but thats good to know that look at us like a bump on the road..The only reason you guys have beaten us is cause Joe Flacco had not progressed enough to where he could win games by himself..his had 4-300 yard games after only 3 before this year..things are about to change in this division cause you guys always relied on a turnover in the final minutes by flacco but his getting better while your team is still the same as last next year our tight ends will be better, torrey and laquan williams would get better so those days of yall relying on shutting down our offence are almost over..either way we're good enough to beat yall this year and we'll prove it in January.. and its about time we wiped out hines ward ugly smile off his face lmao..2nd time this year we rocked his world..he went from dancing in the stars to seeing stars..and also please dont rely on our pass rush to be that horrible next game.
That's super classy man. Way to go Ray Ray for having to give the man a concussion to get him out of the game. You must be so proud. Wonder if you were laughing this hard when Clark sent McGahee out of the game on a stretcher.

As for the "change in the division"...heard it all before. Still has no effect on me. Also, the defense isn't the same as last year....they haven't had the kind of TO production that ANYONE is used to.
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