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Default Re: Hate that Ravens fans have for the Steelers!!!

Originally Posted by Opt2loc View Post
I like ribbing just like the next guy. I like to dish it out because I can take it, it's fun.

Dude, being happy that a player got a head injury is nothing to be happy about.
I hate the sqeelers and I get sick of all the excuses their fans come up with why they got swept by us. I can't stand Whines Hard but I will never cheer an injury.

Bad karma man.
That's the way to be (and yes, that's the way I know the majority of you are).

I absolutely LOVE to hate you guys. All of you. I adore this rivalry. It makes me feel like I need heart medication (at least) twice a year...but I love it.

Love the hard hitting style of both's what footballs about. But for the love of God...we're not Oakland or Philthy fans. Injuries are to be expected between these two teams...but I never, ever hope or cheer for anything serious.
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