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Default Re: We will see the ravens in the playoffs

Originally Posted by SteelCurtain5643 View Post
We'll def meet in the playoffs and Flacco will choke like he always does, the little bitch he is. I was literally so mad last night I coulda killed someone.
Well, he didn't choke last night, he stole the game.

Originally Posted by SoCalFan
there would have been a different outcome last night had Woodley and Sanders were playing,along with Farrior and others,we were NOT at full strength!
There's always some excuse among you Steelers fans. Honestly, I try to be respectful, but if it isn't Harrison crying about Goodell being after him (and Steelers fans say Ravens complain about the refs ), then it is tears over hard hits (that you would have applauded if it was your team getting away with it!), or it's some never ending list of "Well, if this were like this, and this went this way, and we had captain america on the field, and joe fell down 3 flights of stairs the night before. . . we would have WON"

Well sure, but the old saying goes"If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a merry Christmas". You LOST. You HAD Woodley/Sanders/Farrior week 1 and you LOST then too! That's the crazy, delusional part of it. Just own up to it and move on.

Originally Posted by SoCalFan
Thats O.K,let these Rats have a moment because mark my word,that Steeler locker room knows they lost that game more than the ravens beat them! Anyone with common sense that watched that game knows that!We see em in the playoffs at full strength and it wont be close!!!
You are really drinking the cool-aid, but whatever lets you sleep at night. Here's a reality check: we will most likely meet again in the play offs, and after this week more than likely at M&T (finally), and it is going to be a rough, hard hitting, smash mouth football game. It will probably be decided by less than a touchdown. I know who I WANT to win, but I am not so arrogant as to make a prediction a minimum 9 weeks from the time we actually meet again.
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