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Default Re: We will see the ravens in the playoffs

Originally Posted by BleedPurple View Post
Geeze, you guys are really bitter; you must have really wanted this game.

Don't get me started on the gatorade dump, I cringed when I saw it. Act like you been there boys!

Also, can we come off the stupid Ray Lewis taunt. It doesn't upset anyone--he witnessed a murder at most, and Big Ben actually did get away with a violent crime by paying off his rape victim. So just come off it, seriously.

And lopsided? Are you forgetting the phantom hold on Torrey Smith that took 7 points off the board for us?
You know for a fact that he got away with a violent crime by paying off his rape victim? lol. That comment alone makes your credibility go out the window, include the fact that you're a Ravens fan and it makes you look trollish.

Grats on the win. It must be nice to see your team finally win a couple games against the Steelers. I guess that's all a Ravens fan can hope for because we all know they're not winning the Super Bowl.

Edit: We can whine, cry, and bitch all we want. We're fans of a team. We're not players. I don't see a rule that says we have to be good sports about every loss. Get over yourself and your shitty fan base.

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