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Default Re: We will see the ravens in the playoffs

Originally Posted by BleedPurple View Post
That's fine, mutual respect from steelers fans isn't exactly on my bucket list. I joined in response to some of the ridiculous comments on this board following the game, not to gloat. Just wanted to give a reality check: refs are bad for both sides in almost every game, there will be helmet to helmet on both sides almost every game (between the two of us anyway), and we had offensive weapons on the sideline just like you had defensive weapons out. So stop whining and making excuses. Just say "we lost, but we will see you again in the playoffs".
Man...I hope you say this same bullshit on the Ravens boards as well after they lose a game. I for one am not stupid enough to join a Ravens board after they lose to us just to counter their whining. The two I lurk at also ban people quick as hell for that, take that for what it's worth.

It's just, what the hell do you expect? We're fans, we're frustrated, we're bitching. Get over it. Most of us have given out our congrats to some of the fans here and now we're bitching. This is not something new to sports message boards at all.

I don't care about getting respect from you. I just think it's hilarious the wave of Ravens fans that we've had join the past couple of days who wouldn't even think to join had they lost. Whatever'll make the next win that much sweeter.
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