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Default Re: We will see the ravens in the playoffs

Originally Posted by StainlessStill View Post
I can't even count the number of posts where I, or anyone one else, said "Congrats on the win, see you in the playoffs." You've got to be a real BONEHEAD not to expect a backlash after a loss like that, especially the way the officiating was called on both sides of the coin since you Ratbird fans from ALL over the forums always claim the refs are out to win it for the Steelers at every game! This is nothing new, this is football-loss 101. The fanbase collides with each other after a loss like that and emotion and anger will get in the way of looking at missed opportunities. You and the rest of your cronies coming here after to stir the pot even further are nothing but hypocrites. In fact, Ravens fans are the WORST after a loss, believe it or not, is a worse war-zone than ANYTHING you'd ever see in here. Steelers fans wouldn't last a mere 2 seconds on your boards if we pulled the bullshit you are doing here. FACT.

Even one of your own resides here, named booby jr. You should SEE his antics he pulled on these boards. Funny thing is, is that I admired that last drive. It was a game for the ages (when isn't it?) but don't act like you wouldn't have something to say if Tomlin was splashed with Gatorade on the sidelines, Super Bowl style if we would have won. Your boards would be FUELED and riveted and would be the first to erupt. Keep talking after a victory and keep acting like you're so shocked to see backlash. Because I know you're so civil and so lovey dovey after a loss, right? Like I said, GTFO until we meet again. Sick of you thinking you have the right to make an account on our turf just because you had to defend your team after a win. GO ON YOUR OWN STANK PLAYGROUND from here on out to do that.

Oh yah, congrats on the win. Going to be a fun ride kicking your ass in the playoffs and eliminating you for the FOURTH time in the past 10 years and it doesn't matter where it's at. CAN'T WAIT.
Of course we would, the squeelers have ruined our season enough times in the Harbaugh/Flacco era. It's nothing new for you. For once it was our turn and we topped it off with a little gatorade splash. So what.
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