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Default Re: Hate that Ravens fans have for the Steelers!!!

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
So 9 total players think Harrison is the dirtiest and 6 think it's Hines. Is this really supposed to mean something? Seriously? And 9 votes compared to the 36 Suh got is "almost made it to the top spot?" I guess math isn't your strong suit is it?

111 players from 31 teams? So they didn't even get players from all teams in this poll?

Just so you know...[that's not even 1% of the vote for either player. Hell, it would take both their vote totals added together to get above that 1%mark[/B]. And that's what you use for proof that he's the dirtiest player? You suck at debating.
So if it was a thousand players you think it would turn out any different?
I guess it's not so bad to be a distant second to Suh. You really think it's not relevent because of how many players were polled or how much in second harrison is. You guys would jump all over this poll if a couple of Ravens were on it and you know it.

Oh by the way 10% of 111 is 11, just so you know.
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