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Default Re: Hate that Ravens fans have for the Steelers!!!

Originally Posted by Opt2loc View Post
I see you didn't get I was joking with that line about being hurt. What a surprise that is.

Yeah, funny how it's probably just Lions and squeeler fans that think it's a lame poll. Doesn't matter if they polled 20 people or 20,000. Bottom line is two of the dirtiest players in the league play on the squeelers. You are all to lame to admit it. You could probably go around the whole NFL and the only people that would agree with you are squeeler fans, go figure. Get your head out of the clouds. You're acting like a fool.

I am done with this thread. Enjoy yourself!!!

Yes, I know you were joking...I just didn't care lol.

It's a poll of 111 players...get real. Do you base all your facts on such limited polls as those? 6 people man...6 people out of 111 is somehow significant to you. I just can't wrap my head around that, or how that equates to absolute fact in your tiny mind. It's just makes me laugh. Oops sorry, I mean 15 people across two players out of 111. Now it MUST be fact, right? I keep laughing at that...makes me think of Family Feud and how sometimes obvious answers aren't even listed. This is just so fugging silly. Honestly.

Bottom line...I don't care if 5% of those 111 people think Hines is a dirty players. Seriously. You're just making a giant fool out of yourself right now by not being able to admit that this poll is a joke.

You're attempts at football fan insults don't really bother me's just a shield for you to try and cover up how stupid and ridiculous your point is. I get it, you don't like being shown up. Don't really care about that either.

But go ahead...keep making off the wall assumptions based on fan bias and a small sample poll. Whatever makes you feel like you've won. It's just so silly and short sighted and I'm glad I'm not as foolish and ignorant as that. Again, the fact that you keep touting this poll just means that you have zero debating skills and are incapable of backing up your words with anything meaningful. I'd run away from that too!
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