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Default Re: Offensive Pass Interference, Torrey Smith!!!!

Originally Posted by FattyBeanDip View Post
Damn ... I must have hit a nerve.

Dude, don't be so bitter, I'm merely stating what happened in the game. No need to get all hot and bothered about it. It's just a game after all, eh?

Btw - funny about winning when it counts. Hate to be the one to inform you ... but getting swept in the division against your arch rival and having to play on their home turf if you're lucky enough to get there - *counts*.

Roethlisberger isn't on record as saying ravens stadium is his absolute least favorite place to play football for nothing.

Plus I just have to admit it ... seeing all those pathetic, over-priced terrible towels go limp and 65 thousand screaming fans go silent in the very same instant was absolutely spectacular! Too bad we won't be able to see that again this season.

See you guys in January (unless you get knocked off) in Baltimore!
Hit a nerve? What? Finally admitting your stay here is to do nothing but to troll? You're here to talk about the game then go onto say how wonderful it was to see those "pathetic" towels go limp? What a goon! Worst poster ever. Again, keep thumping your chest like you have the division won! You don't you dumbass's!

The Steelers are FAR from eliminated out of the division race just yet. It's not nerve-hitting, just trying to wake you pathetic's up by bringing it to your attention that your entire rotten fanbase can be the one's silenced and completely embarrassed and butt hurt if the Ravens teams that lost to the Titans and Jaguars show up!

Glad to see all you Ratturd fans coming out of the woodwork to finally feel what it's like to beat us. I'm happy we are as important as anything to you guys within the NFL! Shows how much of a b!tch you really are to us. Fortunately for us, there's still room later on down the road to knock you off your hot-air balloon's and the pedestal you've just created for yourselves because it'll be so hilarious to see you Rat's fall right back off your temporary high-horse and claim embarrassment. This sweep was nothing but a fluke & the Ravens and their fans' actions over a middle-season win proves how tormented you really are by us.
"I believe the game is designed to reward the one's who hit the hardest. If you can't take it, you shouldn't play!" -Jack Lambert
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