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Default Steelers dont draft a LB????

I am absolutely thrilled with the selection of Holmes...

I bitched and moaned on this site for weeks that the Steelers FO trade up 7 or 8 slots if Holmes experienced a draft day slide... which they did so I couldnt be more happy about that.

I will say I was a little surprised that they seleccted the retrun specialist from FSU in round 3 because Holmes could definitely return punts and kicks for us assuming he is behind Cedric on the depth chart.... which leads me to believe Holmes may give Ced a run for his money as the starting WR alongside Hines.

The safety from Syracuse... I dont think anyone knows enough to judge... it does appear, based on his grading, that he went right around where people expected him to go though.

I was stunned at the end of the day on Sunday that they seleccted zero LB's throughout the entire draft.

They must really believe in Wallace, Frazier, Kriewaldt, and Harrison....
cause Porter has a contract coming up...
Farrrior is due a paycut here in a year or so and is not exactly a spring chicken....

Wonder when the last time was that the Steelers went through an entire draft without drafting 1 LB....

Even still....... I think Holmes is gonna be more productive than El real real real soon
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