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Default Re: disappointed with this years draft?

I'm not disapointed at all.

Santonio Holmes WR, Ohio State- Replaced Randle El.He runs better routes and has better hands than El did.He'll be a much better target that ARE was.And we still have the gadget play arm in Hines Ward,and Holmes might even get the chance to throw some balls in training camp.

Anthony Smith S, Syracuse- This guy is gonna be hella good.This year he'll work in the nickle and dime learning the system the Steelers use on defense.Look for him to be lining up next to Polamalu next year.I think we found the guy that will end up replacing Hope.

Omar Jacobs QB, Bowling Green- We all knew they would draft a guy to be the #3 quarterback.We got it in Omar Jacobs,who I really like.In a few years we might be in a position kind of like the Falcons (only we have a starting QB that is actually good at playing the QB position) where we have a second string QB that can make it as a starter in the NFL.So he could be worth something in a trade,possibly a nice 2nd or 3rd round draft pick or a player that fills a need.

Cedric Humes HB, Virginia Tech- This guy is gonna be our between the tackles grind-it-out guy.He can actually take up two roles as a RB and a backup fullback.Who the hell knows if Duce will stay healthy this year?Nobody does,and not many people seem to think he will.Humes can be the short-yardage/goal line specialist.He can be the Thunder while Fast Willie is the Lightning.

The rest of the draft gives us depth and may breed a few starters in the future after a few OL guys retire.

All-in-all I like our draft.We didn't have any HUGE holes to fill.We filled Bettis' role as a RB,but we all know we can never find someone to fill his role as a leader and someone who can spark this team.We replaced ARE with a guy that I think will be a better reciever and punt/kick returner than ARE.We got a guy that could be a stud free saftey next to Polamalu.

Anybody else want this season to start this Sunday?

Congrats to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins
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