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Wow and I thought we could get a little aggitated at our team...Ravens fans are the worst!

Direct quotes from their forums:

"I don't care who. Someone needs to be made an example of. This team is so hard to watch this season. I seriously hope the media quits talking about Super Bowl possibilities for this team.

What a pathetic loss and this season is becoming unbearable to watch almost.

Those wins over Pittsburgh mean absolutely NOTHING. "

"The whole team.

What a pathetic season. "

"i am NOT blaming anyone for a Ravens loss on these boards from here on out! because with this team....IT IS WHAT IT IS!!
they have proven time and time again that they are very unpredictable from week to week, inconsistent and mediocre at best. i blame no one cause IT IS WHAT IT IS!!"

Win, Lose, or Tie, I'm a Steeler fan until I DIE!!!!
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