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I live about 20 minutes outside of Baltimore, and you would not have believed the local media's/fan base's celebration over their win over the Steelers. Even weather forcasters were talking about the game 3 days after it was over: "Another beautiful day outside, and it would be beautiful regardless with that big win over the Steelers!" I came to work Monday to find pictures of the final TD pass on my cubicle and a line of people waiting to gloat.

Today? "Fire Harbaugh" and "Fire Cameron" and "David Reed should be cut." My favorite was a co-worker who swears that the Ravens won't even make the playoffs this year when 4 days ago he was ready to shop for Super Bowl tickets.

I spent my first 22 years living right outside of Pittsburgh, and there is no comparing the two fanbases. The Ravens fans would rather root against the Steelers than root for the Ravens.
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