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Originally Posted by Uncle T View Post
The fans and media here rarely blame's always Cam Cameron's fault. They've spent so much time and effort into building up "Joe Cool" that they don't want to admit that he's been average or a little worse than average for almost this entire season.

When I bring up how Flacco is rated in the bottom 1/3 of the league, they are quick to blame the playcalling, the wideouts, and the line. With that said, through my experiences down here over the last several years, if the Ravens lose next week and then again to the 49ers, they will turn on him, too.
I feel you, Uncle T. I live about an hour away from Baltimore in Southern York County, PA and I had my fill of Raven fan gloating after the sweep. I listen to a lot of 105.7 The Fan from Baltimore and they are about ready for another Kool-Aid party..... of the Jim Jones variety!

I hear them blame Flacco too, but Cameron definitely gets the lion's share of the criticism. I don't get it. Ben overcomes his mediocre O.C. on a weekly basis. If "Joe Cool" is such the elite QB Ravens fans envision him, then why can't he overcome his? Seems to me he should be able to step up and get the damn job done against bottom feeder teams like the Jags and Seahags. He's their Neil O'Donnell.

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