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Default Re: Gotta love John Harbaugh:

Originally Posted by GMU Steeler View Post
Yeah, I mean I'm sure I'ld be more positively inclined towards the guy if he coached for us but it is something about him on a human level that annoys me too. I don't even hate all their players. The Washington Post has had articles on both Ray Rice and Torrey Smith and both seem like decent guys but Harbaugh just seems like a jerk to me. I never got that vibe from Brian Billick. Arrogant maybe but never jerk which is how I see Harbaugh.
Yup, exactly. I watched the special on Ray Rice and thought he seemed like a great dude. Geez he was even my number one fantasy pick this year. But EVERYTIME I hear that moron Harbaugh speak, I want to slap him.
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