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Default Re: Cincey Robbed!

even former head of officiating, mike pereria (or however its spelled) said he wouldnt have overturned that.

i can admit theres a game here or there where the steelers have a call or 2 go their way. in every game, there are ticky tack calls that will either go one way or the other.

however the ravens are on a complete roll this season. the refs act like they are afraid ray lewis will stab them if they call ANYTHING against the ravens. i know the league is desperate to see them in the superbowl, but c'mon!

3 wins have been handed to the ravens on a platter. VS CIN, PIT vol. II, and AZ. in those games multiple ticky tack calls went the ravens way (Either leading to points or taking points away), and i cant remember anything significant robbing them or even going against them.

it is what it is. we win out and the division is ours (ravens arent capable of winning out).
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