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Default Re: 49ers vs Ravens

I'm not a fan of crediting refs with wins either...but this season, even I have had to take notice of the overall ineptitude of the refs this year. I know they've been bad in the past, but it's like they're bad on steroids this year. It's to the point where I don't even want to watch any other games other than the Steelers because I just watch the game in anger over how ridiculous they are.

Yesterdays game was not the most infuriating (that would be the Packers/Lions game...yes the Lions deserved to lose, but it was like the refs were constantly making sure the Packers had the upper hand in the first). But it certainly wasn't without the usual stinkers that I've come to expect from the refs. And it's mainly the roughing the passer and PI calls (which the Ravens seem to almost always be on the benefiting end of) that seem to be outlandishly flagrant compared to other years. It's just getting out of hand, and I think that frustration is spilling over onto the board.
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