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Default Re: Another Gatorade Bath, Honestly?

Originally Posted by i82much View Post
Sorry man. I read a few other posts from you and you seem reasonable. I personally don't like the idea of criticizing your team on another team's board and I disagree with you (the Gatorade thing is a really small deal IMHO) but I apologize for doing so disrespectfully.
Small deal, maybe, but it sends the wrong message. Every week the coach says "we don't overlook these guys" or "one game at a time". The gatorade bath proves that either that is bullcrap, or the team is not on the same page as him, because apparently the second Pittsburgh win and the 49ers win meant more than the other 6.

By showing that much emotion at the end of those games, the perception becomes that we are fueled by emotion, and are an easier opponent against teams we do not 'hate' or have some connection to that runs deeper than a sporting event. This isn't true, but perception can be powerful--it can make teams like the Bengals, Browns, Colts, and Chargers play above their ability for what they feel is a team that is only 80% invested in the game, looking ahead to the next Steelers match-up. . .

EDIT: on your first point-- I brought it up with Ravens' fans first and they told me I was making a mountain from a molehill. I wanted to know if that was fanspeak, or if I was reading into too much, so I posted those same concerns here. I think the truth is somewhere between. The gatorade definitely raised a few eyebrows among sports commentators, but it probably won't lead to an early playoff loss.
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