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Default Re: im tired of them always showing Ray Lewis during the game

Originally Posted by steelcity006 View Post
This is something thats really started to annoy me. during the steelers game against baltimore, when the steelers were on offense, they kept having a split screen with Ben and Ray lweis, but when we were on defense, James Harrison didnt get a split screen? and this week, I was watching bengals and Ravens. Ray Lewis was hurt on the sideline and they still kept showing him and talking about him! enough already, this has got to stop. James Harrison is a way better linebacker than lewis and i cant stand watching a game and seeing lewis every other play, especially when hes on the sidelines! All of this inspired me to create a T-shirt, i hope you guys like it, its a James Harrison t-shirt, ill post the link below so you guys can check it out. Let me know what you think of the shirt, and your opinion on all this Ray lewis TV time.

T-shirt link
hmm. . .

1. Ray Lewis is a middle linebacker and Harrison is an outside linebacker. So they play two different positions. That's like saying Tom Brady is better than Deion Sanders--doesn't make any damn sense.

2. Ray is a first ballot HOFer, and has more talent in his injured big toe than Harrison has in his whole body.

3. Let's compare Ray to another player that actually played his position: Jack Lambert.

Ray Lewis: Played 219 games started 218. 40.5 sacks, 31 INTs, 18 forced fumbles. 12 pro bowls 7 first team all time pro.

Jack Lambert: Played 146 games started 136. 8 sacks (less), 28 INTs (less), 0 forced fumbles (lol). 9-time Pro Bowler (less) & 6-time First-Team All-Pro (less).

So yea, you don't know s**t about s**t as my father likes to say.
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