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Default Re: im tired of them always showing Ray Lewis during the game

Originally Posted by BleedPurple View Post
hmm. . .

1. Ray Lewis is a middle linebacker and Harrison is an outside linebacker. So they play two different positions. That's like saying Tom Brady is better than Deion Sanders--doesn't make any damn sense.

2. Ray is a first ballot HOFer, and has more talent in his injured big toe than Harrison has in his whole body.

3. Let's compare Ray to another player that actually played his position: Jack Lambert.

Ray Lewis: Played 219 games started 218. 40.5 sacks, 31 INTs, 18 forced fumbles. 12 pro bowls 7 first team all time pro.

Jack Lambert: Played 146 games started 136. 8 sacks (less), 28 INTs (less), 0 forced fumbles (lol). 9-time Pro Bowler (less) & 6-time First-Team All-Pro (less).

So yea, you don't know s**t about s**t as my father likes to say.
Except that Ray Lewis is a LILB, whereas Lambert was an actual MLB, and people avoided Lambert, but will still run right at Lewis. But yeah, we're the ones who don't know shit about shit.
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