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Default Re: get ready for MORE commercials

Originally Posted by QCbeauBlak View Post
I went to my first Steelers game at Heinz field this year and was very disappointed at all the delays due to commercials. It really messed up my experience. I haven't been to many NFL games in the last 10 years so I had no clue how bad it was..

I just wonder what effect it has on a teams momentum during a game?

I cosign with 4xSBChamps.. It's so bad now that when the 4:00 games come on, we miss a third of the 1st quarter..

My solution is to just DVR the games and start watching them about 30-45min in.. If you are into fantasy or a redzone person it really sucks but at least you can fast forward through the commercials

According to the agreements made with the networks, NFL games are REQUIRED to have 5 "TV Timeouts" per quarter for a total of 20 per game and each commercial break runs one to two minutes. They are also called during stoppages due to injury, instant replay challenges, when either of the participating teams uses one of its set of timeouts, and if the network needs to catch up on its commercial advertisement schedule.

So just looking at the basics of the agreement, the time lost to commercial breaks can be anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes per game just to satisfy the minimum requirements. Add to that the 12 minute halftime as well as unpredictable situations such as injuries and it's not hard to see why a typical game lasts over 3 hours.

This is why I believe that the DVR was the greatest invention ever dreamed up. I too let the game "play" for at least a half-hour to as much as an hour (for post-season games) so that when I sit down to watch it, I can fly past all of the junk and just focus on the game.

(Super Bowls require at least a 1 to 1 1/2 hour lead time).
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