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Default New England Patriots and another reason to hate them!

Now I don't like the Washington Redskins and I definately can't stand the Cheatriots, but yesterdays officiating was so blatantly BS if favor of New England I wanted to throw up! If you were watching the game, did you see the penalty called against London Fletcher just before half time on Tom "No-one's allowed to touch me" Brady"? He slid late while trying to run for a first down and Fletcher hit him a nice shot LEADING WITH HIS SHOULDER into his chest! They called a personal foul for unnecessary roughness! I don't know why I am surprised but it was nowhere near his head and he wasn't even down yet. This foul led to the Pats going down into FG range and tied the game just before half! If they don't get the first and score momentum could have totally been on the Skins side! Goodell has this league so pussified that I am seriously considering watching Canadian Professional Curling.... When is this bull s#!t going to end and let men be men?
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