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Default Re: Will James Harrison be suspended? Is the NFL out to get the Steelers?

and the flip side to that is Jordan who never, never, never got called for traveling because the way he played the game pushed the limits and was spectacular. I remember plenty of discussion from 1991 to 1998 that the refs tended to favor Jordan and he was almost 99/100 times also able to draw a foul driving to the basket, no matter how little contact was made on him

I def think teams and players earn reputations and are part of what shapes the trends of any league. We all know some how some way the Steelers are always involved in big games, make spectacular plays or are victims of flukey plays, put hard hits on opponents and get hit apretty darn hard too. That's what happens when you are a storied franchise that wins and wins and wins with plenty of hall of fame caliber to pro bowl caliber players that fill your roster - you are going to constantly be part of what is trending.

Right now, for me, Mike Wallace put it best - because of our successes and because of our defense's hard hitting reputation in a changing league - The Steelers are "Public Enemy #1" and I do believe because of who we are, certain situations are going to be amplified - whether good or bad.

I.E. - nobody is going to make a huge fuss if a Browns OLB gets fined or suspended but, when James Harrison of THE Pittsburgh Steelers get suspended - its huge news Smizik has it right - we are, along with Green Bay, the equivalent of Yankees/Red Sox. We're one of the premier teams so everything that happens, good or bad, is heavily focused on by the rest of the teams and their fans.
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