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Default Re: Will James Harrison be suspended? Is the NFL out to get the Steelers?

I do not think he should be suspended but he will. I do think the NFL makes the Steelers the road kill on their quest for a league where players should wear skirts which is what they want

He should be fined and fined minimally.

My reasoning is Harrsion plays 100% at all times and he was coming to stop McCoy full speed and McCoy was setting up to pass, which he did, so the right way to defend in this bang bang play was to come it high.
McCoy jumped show how could Harrsion position a high tackle or pass knockdown precisely.. If a player hits a stationary target helmet to helmet, it is completely avoidable, but a runner coming right at you who may throw or run is just not easy to judge what parts of both bodies will contact.

I have never seen a ball carrier fined for lowering his helmet into a defensive player while running the ball. In this case McCoy was a runner, and the penalty should be adjusted as such.
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