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Default Re: Top 10 Steeler games of the past decade: let me hear 'em

Outside of maybe 4 plays Superbowl XL was a very ho-hum game, if it wasn't the Superbowl it wouldn't be noteworthy, I'm surprised anyone has it on any top-10 list given how many amazing games we've had, particularly in the playoffs (many of them having to do with sending the Ravens home), besides, its not like it was our first Superbowl, it was a our 5th, and I don't really care how long it had been since our 4th, it'll be memorable because it was a Superbowl, not because it was a great game. The 3 road games facing the the top 3 AFC seeds prior to XL will always be superior games in my opinion, particularly against the Colts as no one gave us a chance, as that was the first year the Colts secured home field and that was the year the Colts were supposed to finally go all the way because they didn't have to go through New England.

I'm also surprised no one has the '09 shootout vs. GreenBay where Ben put up over 500 yards and threw a game winning walk-off TD to Wallace as the time had expired, or Ben's 5 TD passes in 1 half vs. the Ravens with Harrison going beast mode sacking and stripping balls all over the place
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