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Default Re: Will James Harrison be suspended? Is the NFL out to get the Steelers?

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
if the players were smart they would have pushed to get Goodell fired before agreeing to anything before end to lockout
Amen to this! I wondered the same thing. If I was a player, this would definitely have been a talking point in the lock out. This pansy ass way of playing is something that has been ongoing for a few seasons now. And a lot of the players see it and speak out about it. It is TACKLE football after all. If you don't want the QB to get hit, put a flag on his hip and call it a day. I would actually prefer it if they would do that. Get rid of the stupid miscalled penalties and just take the refs out of that decision making process all together.

Pull the flag and its a sack. End of discussion.
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