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Default Re: Peter King calls out Wallace; Says Harrison should not be suspended

Speaking of this - if player safety is so important and you are capable of consistently and correctly disciplining hits, why is it taking so long to get word on this?

Heck, maybe Goodell is on the phone with the Chiefs and Dolphins telling them who to hire and telling Cowher where to go

Goodell: Hey Bill this is Roger - how's the wife?

Bill: Good Roger, Good as can be expected

Goodell: Great, glad to hear it. Bill, we're close right?

Bill: . . .

Goodell: Great, glad to hear it, listen I'm sure you're aware there are now HC vacancies at Kansas City and Miami and had a few words of advice for you

Bill: Ok Roger, I'm listening . ..

Goodell: Well listen, I know you have some issues with Bill and Robert in New England and would love to take over the Miami job to stick it to him for that whole tape misunderstanding, but listen, we have a bigger situation

Bill: Oh, the tape thing right, you mean the ones you destroyed right?

Goodell: . .. .

Bill: Ok, well, yea what is the bigger situation?

Goodell: I thought you'd never ask! Those Broncos are running the ball, winning a lot of low scoring games and actually making the playoffs playing this way, and my marketing guys say that to maintain our brand goals for 2012 we need to appeal to the Madden-Ball enthusiasts - you know where I'm going with this right?

Bill: Roger, just stop right there - I'm not taking the Chiefs job and turning the team into a pass happy video game team - you're just going to have to be a big boy about this game and let the players play. It is football after all.

Goodell: Well you think you know who you're friends are. I see Bill - well, should you ever find yourself in a conference Championship I may just have to accidentally lift the recording rules again

Bill: Listen, if you want to talk just call my new agent, James

Roger: James? You aren't talking about James Harrison are you? Wait, Bill uh, oh, uh can't we just talk this out - don't get hasty now
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