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Default Re: Will James Harrison be suspended? Is the NFL out to get the Steelers?

Originally Posted by wera176 View Post
Regardless of what happens, I'm still PO'd at Harrison: he KNOWS better, he knew it was the QB, he did NOT have to hit him that high he had him dead to rights and could have wrapped him or heck drive his shoulder through him. It's like you tell your kids NOT to do something and then they do it right in front of you. It no longer matters if it really was a bad thing or not...

The hit deserved the flag (dem da rulez) and I won't be upset at a fine. A suspension is too much imo. First offense this season and was between the whistles. But James, PLEASE use your head to think with brother!

And yes, the NFL is ruining the game...
This still is the game of football isn't it? Players wear pads and helmets for protection don't they? McCoy was wearing a helmet and shoulder pads wasn't he? I would say you should be "PO'd" if Harrison pulled a Ron Artest, if he chased Colt McCoy with a baseball bat, if he hit him in the face with a hockey stick, then I say be "PO'd" at him. Now Roethlisberger has been intentionally hit low a few times this season, isn't that against the rules? I believe so, how many suspensions were levied for that infraction, hmmmmm let me help you none!!!!! Ummm last year Ngata, no matter how you look at it broke Ben's nose, no not on a tackle, not on a sack, but a hand between the face mask miraculously to the nose, was there a fine, was there even a penalty, answer once again is NO!!!!! Bottom line, if you are not going to penalize the others for their "aggressive" play, don't penalize Harrison!!!
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