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Default Re: Peter King calls out Wallace; Says Harrison should not be suspended

First of all, Wallace is only going to be a restricted free agent next year, so he most likely will be kept around at the minimum of one more year. Then you have Hines Ward retiring and no guarantee that Jerricho Cotchery would re-sign with the Steelers, or if he would, if he would accept a contract that a Steelers team tight against the salary cap could afford.

Secondly, don't be so quick to push him out of the door. The fact of the matter is that a lot of success of the Steelers offense runs through the threat of the Wallace deep ball and teams responding by doubling teaming him and playing the secondary out of the box. This makes everything else the Steelers try to do more successful, and it gives the other receivers more opportunities to succeed against lesser defensive players. I don't think one could say for certain that Brown would be performing as he has been the past 7 weeks without Wallace being there.

I have heard rumblings of Wallace being somewhat disgruntled over his lack of production over the past several weeks, but not in such a way that it is a team distraction; it's more a young player wanting to be able to help his team and not delivering as well as he wants to.

Finally, I think it's hard to predict what the Steelers will do based on their past history. If you were to look at recent history, for example, you would think that the organization would do its best to keep him, as they have been much more consistent with keeping their stars around in the past decade. There is a litany of examples that don't even need to be named, even from just this past offseason.
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