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Default Re: Will James Harrison be suspended? Is the NFL out to get the Steelers?

Originally Posted by Yehoodi View Post
you may be correct, but something tells me that you can't . . . surely a QB has more protection that a runner, but will and should be deemed a runner once he starts to "run" with the ball . . . however, when he goes back to being a QB he should get his protection back . . . and I do think that the refs will give the players some leeway if the players do not have time to react in time if a QB runs and "looks" like he is going to run and then throws the ball . . . but if the the guy is behind the line of scrimmage and he is the QB in name, you run the risk if you take a run at him . . .

in this particular case McCoy did start to run foward but then runs parallel to the line of scrimmage and Harrison made contact, and to me, whether he could react or not in time to a "runner", he was none the less running towards the QB, who was still behind the LOS, and thus could throw the ball, and in that case there is really no need to try to smoke the the guy with the crown of the helmit to the facemask . . . he could of easily came foward put his helmit off center and make a monster tackle just as easily . . . shoulder right into McCloy's chest and landed to the side with McCoy . . .

there are certain times when it is obvious that unnecessary force (and in this case I believe illegal force) is used . . . it is kind of like our Vince Wilfolk, who on many occasions does not mind getting a cheap shot it, hit a Washington Redskin this past Sunday . . . it was a screen pass the the guy slipped, fell to the ground, and clearly was not going to be able to get up by the time Wilfolk got to him, and instead of mearly touching him down with two hands (as 90% of the NFL does), Wilfork (who was behind the player on the ground) came up behind and hit him really hard in the middle part of his back . . . it is "techically" a legal hit but unnecessary and correctly drew a 15 yard flag for unnecessary roughness . . .

my two cents . . .
A QB that "looks" like is is running but then throws the ball ALWAYS has to be behind the line of scrimmage...otherwise he can't throw the ball...
Here we go STEELERS here we go!!!!!!!!!
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