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Default Re: Will James Harrison be suspended? Is the NFL out to get the Steelers?

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
Actually, Lewis made a helmet-to-helmet hit this year in the 1st Steeler-Ravens game and wasn't even flagged for it. I couldn't believe it (OK, yes, maybe i do believe it...)
I assume you are referring to a the hit on Ward?

The difference between the two is that Lewis is trying to and in the process of making a tackle on Ward and there is incidental contact with the helmits, the KEY difference is that Lewis has his arms out and in the process of wrapping up Ward with is arms when the helmit contact was made . . .

there is a difference when the lead portion of the "tackle" is with the helmit as opposed to the arms . . . just as there is a difference between touching a guy down and ramming into his back (see my Wilfork comments in the eariler post)
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