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Default Re: Will James Harrison be suspended? Is the NFL out to get the Steelers?

Originally Posted by Yehoodi View Post
at the 06/07 portion of the video Lewis has his arms out and in an arc getting ready to close on Ward . . . is there something that I am not seeing . . .

whereas Harrison's arms are down by his side and come up straight and at McCoy's chest, the video below at 1:00-1:05 shows it best . . .

Boomer for me I see a difference when a player leads with the helmit and not in combination with the arms . . . it kind of like when a DB launches at a players and becomes like a missile - arms down by the side and head first . . .which for me is a different then a player approaching a players lowers the head and arms outstretched like a claws of a crab . . . which is what I see Ray Lewis doing . . .
Lewis lowers his head and hits Hines in the helmet. Oh sure he half way tries to reach for him but his arms never even touch Hines at all. But his helmet sure does. Look, I'm OK with hits like that. But the NFL should be fair about it, and they are not. Not even close.
Here we go STEELERS here we go!!!!!!!!!
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