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Default Re: Will James Harrison be suspended? Is the NFL out to get the Steelers?

Originally Posted by Boomer View Post
I guess I didn't understand this part of your statement then:
"and I do think that the refs will give the players some leeway if the players do not have time to react in time if a QB runs and "looks" like he is going to run and then throws the ball"

Why would the refs be giving leeway if the defense has to wait till the QB crosses the LOS? I would assume that they would be giving leeway to a player hitting the QB who takes off running behind the LOS and then throws the ball at the last second...oh wait, they DON'T give leeway, at least not to the STEELERS
for example if the QB is running and husling towards the sideline to get out of bounds to avoid a sack (and was behind the LOS) and the defender is chasing him and at the last minute turns and tries to make a throw . . . or if the play is 3rd and 1 and the QB does a boot leg and is making a run to the sideline to make the first down and a defender is chasing him/approaching him and an inch before crossing the LOS he throws the ball and then gets hit . . .I can see the refs having some sympathy for the defender, but McCoy was not on a nake bootleg on 3rd and 1.

but when the QB is runnning paralel to the LOS his is still in the process (and mind set) to throw . . .

Sadly, I think Vick falls under the catagory that refs think is more a runner than a passer and does not get the calls that other QBs would get . . .

its late here and time for me to sign off, i'll check in tomorrow . . .
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