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Default Re: New England Patriots and another reason to hate them!

Originally Posted by patsdynasty View Post
Wow! Talk about obsession.Your team has won two Superbowls this past decade. The Patriots defense is (and has been) in shambles for years. And you people still can't get over being knocked out of the playoffs years ago.

Funny how nobody here is complaining about the officiating in the Superbowl against Seattle. A game considered by most to be one of the most lopsided officiating jobs ever. Since, you know, you guys are all about fair officiating.

And apparently the irony escapes you while you sit on your high horses taking cheap shots at the Patriots. In the meantime, you root for a team that has a QB who rapes teenagers, employs one of the dirtiest players in the league and pioneered steroid use in the 70s- "cheating"

For a team and a city that has developed a reputation for toughness, Steelers fans have to be some of the biggest crybabies and whiners in the league. It's like listening to a bunch of Canadiens fans. What a bunch of poor losers.
Hey douche, never said anything about your defense! Just tired of the ***** treatment your QB gets and Ben gets the shit knocked out of him with no calls! Your team has had a MURDERER on the team so don't try and get righteous on here mouthbox... And Roids weren't illegal in the 70's because nobody knew much about them! And besides I do believe you all were man handled little bitches a couple of weeks ago... Hmmmm....

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