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Sorry but I just don't see where that particular hit warrants a one game - or ANY game suspension. I watched a lot of football this past weekend and I saw plenty of hits that were far worse than his and many for which not even a flag was thrown.

I know that he has a reputation and all that but if a questionable hit is supposed to be judged on its merit, I'd say James' hit was borderline at best and may have warranted a fine but that's it. A borderline hit cannot be made more severe just because it was Harrison doing the hitting.

At least it wasn't two games because if it was then the NFL would be saying that James' hit was as bad as Suh's assault and that would have probably resulted in death threats against Goodell.

As far as San Fran is concerned, I think we'll be OK without Harrison, especially since we didn't have him for a few games already this year and we survived.

But still...
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