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Default Re: Tomlin showed his true colors today

You people are ridiculous. The hit was, by the rulebook, illegal. There is no wiggle room in there for Tomlin to defend. He HAS to acknowledge that Harrion's hit was illegal. Tomlin is a hypocrite? That's just stupid. Anybody who continues to deny that the hit was illegal either can't read, can't see, or can't take what he reads and apply that to what he sees. Whether it's illegal and whether it's stupid are two different things, and you can't expect a head coach in the NFL to come out and say that the rulebook is stupid, because they have to play by it. Tomlin "defended" Harrison as much as he could, explaining that the hit was under unusual circumstances and that he had been working hard to change the way he plays and that he hadn't had a personal foul in over a year. What more is he supposed to say? Did you expect him to say that Harrison's hit wasn't illegal when it so blatantly and obviously was not?
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