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Default Re: For the Ravens fans gawking in here

Originally Posted by StainlessStill View Post
Hah! You beat me to it jtb. Knowing that the Raturd message board (24X7) would be puffing their nipples out of their feathers over the Harrison suspension, I decided to peek in. In great suspense, they did not let me down. They have multiple threads with the Steelers on their mind. The Harrison hit. The Harrison suspension. The Ben ankle injury.

It's feels great to know that we are still heavily on their minds, like we should be, even though you would of never thought it after the overzealous and powerful emotions after the sweep after they talked as if they were done with us and flicked us to the side.

They know how dangerous we are and we WILL see them again and I can't wait, regardless of who has homefield advantage! TAKE IT, Ratbirds! Would love to break your heart and stuff it straight up your ass just like the Colts did in 2006!

Welcome and see you purple fairy's soon! Until then, keep having us on your mind. We know you can't help yourselves.
Considering you are posting in one of the SEVERAL ravens threads on your steelers board, this is ironic in the most hilarious way. Thanks for the laugh.
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