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Default Re: Steelers' Tomlin backs Harrison suspension

Well, PC or not, Tomlin is doing the only thing he can do at this point.

If James was suspended for the rest of the season, then I think Tomlin would fight that.
But for just a one game suspension, he's got too much other stuff to worry about to be getting involved with fighting the league over it. Realistically, by the time it ever got to the point where he'd actually be in a position to meet with the league and make his case, it would be next week already, James would be back, so what would be the point?

As far as the hit itself goes, even I have said that it was borderline and judging by the overall opinions I've heard on TV and read about online, I'd say that most people think it was either just at the threshold of legal or beyond it. If the hit was clearly legal, I think Tomlin would fight it but being the borderline hit that it was, by the time he makes all of the relevant arguments, again it's next week already.

I think that Tomlin probably agrees that James was singled out and that he could argue that the hit was legal and from a practicality point of view, it's not worth fighting it.
But I don't believe for a minute that Tomlin is "siding" with anyone and I don't believe he's throwing anyone under the bus.

He's simply being realistic.
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